Owing to a figure of 1.8 million tourists that visit Uruguay every year, tourism forms to be one of the most important facets of the country’s economy. The country is home to several tourist destinations amongst which Piriapolis, Punta del Este, Colonial del Sacramento, and Rivera are some of the most sought after. For those who visit Uruguay, it gets really hard to stay away from the beautiful beaches that endow the country. Therefore, in this article we bring you the 5 best beach resorts in Uruguay which will give you some major travelling goals.

  1. Punta Del Este Resort & Spa

The Punta Del Este Resort and Spa is one of the best beach resorts which beautify the beaches of Uruguay. Embellished with colorful decorations and amenities like spa, fitness health centre, casino, gym and much more the hotel is a must-to visit and stay when you are in Uruguay.


  1. SUR Hotel

Located at a distance of 500 m from the Rio de La Plata, Sur Hotel offers modern and relaxed rooms. The rooms are befitted with soundproof windows, wooden flooring, flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi and mini-fridges.If you have children, then the bunk beds will be perfect for them. You can enjoy the famous continental breakfast in the café or bar. Take a ride of the city on the bikes that can be made available on rent.

  1. Hotel La Bluette

Located in Punta del Este, at a distance of 10 km from the Mansa Beach, the hotel offers a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of your daily lives. Befitted with a terrace and barbeque, the hotel offers rooms that come with private baths (with bidet or shower). It is in close proximity to the Capitan Carlos A, an international Airport.

  1. Hotel Morgan Bay

If you have been looking for a peaceful place, offering a great view of the ocean, this is the place for you. The hotel is in close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and offer breathtaking view of the nature. The most perfect thing about this hotel is its peace and tranquility. Since children are not allowed on its premises, it is a perfect destination for honeymoon.


  1. Aguas Dulces Resort Club

Located near the Cabo Polonio, this resort is a wonderful destination to spend your vacation on the beach. The hotel comprises of little homes which are highly comfortable and come equipped with microwave, kitchen, TV, large bed and much more amenities.The Aguas Dulces beach is also located nearby to this hotel and is very serene and calm. When it comes to the hotel staff, they are very polite and helpful.

With so many options of hotels available in Uruguay, it might get very confusing to choose the best one. We hope the list provided by us will prove to be helpful for you and will streamline your options. So the next time you visit Uruguay, enjoy the serenity of the place when outdoors and live king-size life in the hotel when indoors.

Uruguay is a beautiful part of South America that is not only an amazing place to visit but also a good place to consider if you are planning some kind of relocation. The love for Uruguay is mainly because of its summer season and the beaches, Atlantic beaches to be more specific.
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