Uruguay is a south-American country known for the long history of liberalism, green environment and beach-line coast. It is one of the Spanish-speaking countries rich in art-deco buildings, beautiful resorts, colonial homes, etc. There isnumber of hotels, hostels and accommodations that ensure pleasant stay for the visitors coming to the country. Visitors often plan out the trip schedule before hand and book the hotel they wish to stay online to avoid any last moment hassle. Uruguay has range of hotels from the top-class and luxurious hotels to the low-end options like family homes or budget hotels. It also has a splendid network of hostels & campgrounds along the Atlantic coast.

Here are list of top Uruguay Hotels, Hostels & Accommodation to help you choose the best as per your budget and needs:


  1. La Posadita de la Plaza

It is one of the best hotels, with 4 star rated bed and breakfast situated in Colonia del Sacramento. Along with four guest rooms, this fanciful guesthouse has patio-deck inside the hotel and a homely library lounge. With the daily continental breakfast for the visitors, it also provides services such as free Wi-Fi, TVs, Air Conditioned rooms, laundry services, etc.

  1. Casa Sarandi Guest House

This guest accommodation is located in Montevideo and it has captivating rooms in vintage apartment style with a shared kitchen & living room. The visitors can take advantage of this accommodation with services like body massage, Tour desk, library, lounge, etc. Along with free Wi-Fi, guests can make their own meals in the fully functional kitchen.

  1. Ukele Hostel

Located in the capital city Montevideo, Ukele Hostel has spacious rooms that will make visitors feel like home. It is said to be the best place for the perfect vacation with large swimming pool, for hanging out at bar and spending time with travelers from multiple countries. It also has full-equipped kitchen, additional breakfast facility, laundry, etc.

  1. Hotel Palacio

This 2 star-rated hotel is situated at Montevideo, around antique art galleries, shops, restaurants and pubs, making it the most happening hotel to stay. The hotel gives a breath-taking view, huge bathrooms, cable TV and several other services. Since hotel is located in the lively corner of the capital city, it provides easy and quick access to the attractive tourist attractions.


  1. Bonne Etoile

With the pleasing river view, this 3 star rated Hotel provides neat and huge rooms. The off-season rate for the stay is the best part of hotel in town of Punta del Este. Rooms has facilities like cable TV, varieties of drinks in bar, free Wi-Fi, garden terrace, buffet breakfast daily, etc. It also ensures traveler’s safety with the help of deposit box, that they can avail.

So, whenever you plan to visit Uruguay with your family, make sure that you choose one of these top picked best Uruguay hotels, hostels or accommodations. With several choices for stay, visitors can opt according to their requirements and budget without burning a hole in pocket.

Uruguay is a beautiful part of South America that is not only an amazing place to visit but also a good place to consider if you are planning some kind of relocation. The love for Uruguay is mainly because of its summer season and the beaches, Atlantic beaches to be more specific.
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