Uruguay is a beautiful part of South America that is not only an amazing place to visit but also a good place to consider if you are planning some kind of relocation. The love for Uruguay is mainly because of its summer season and the beaches, Atlantic beaches to be more specific. They have all different kind of lodgings in them offering a whole new experience for its tourists out there and have the ability to turn a simple beach moment to a heavily ponding one. Other than these beaches, Montevideo is a place that will offer some of the best parrillas in whole South America. Secondly, you can witness some live tango taking place in the streets of Montevideo or even you can experience the thrill and fun of longest carnival. Apart from natural and human constructed sites to visit, Uruguay is also famous for its love for football; it can be a simple local football match but the community residing here takes it to an international level and you can understand quiet easily if it is a match day by hassles everywhere.


Coming to my own self, I went to Uruguay once a few years back and it was a kind of good experience though we had a little time to wander here and there but it was a good one. I would definitely not resist if I ever came across a chance of visiting Uruguay. And going to Montevideo was the best part of my visit. It is just an amazing place to enjoy, the people here are welcoming and they make you love it even more. The way they party, the musical shows they have, and also the football match they have are one of the kind that you won’t find anywhere else. My close friend recently shifted there and the way she portrays Uruguay, I am sure that in a short time I will also be moving out there but as of now I am only taking the privilege to explain the living possible there and the liberty to do whatever you want. Primarily, my focus will remain on the travel guide that will encompass the hotels and resorts you should chose while visiting Uruguay. The 5 star hotels present there and the ones that offer almost all the services to give you a completely satisfying experience. In other words, how can you turn your simple experience to a complete luxurious one while staying in Uruguay will be the aim of every post here. Customer reviews and their experience while they were staying in these hotels; the customer service that was provided to them, pictures of their single and double suites with their prices, details about their geographic location like either they are near to beach or farther from it or if they are closer to downtown or not, and so on. Thus, in case you are planning you festive holidays in Uruguay then this is going to be the first site that will come across your mind. Hang on for more updates about Uruguay.